Donate to DIPG families with #AmazingMia Foundation. We help families dealing with this diagnoses and the costs related to treatment. For example we assist with:

  • housing
  • gas cards
  • care packages for the child
  • assistance with other bills.

The family just received the worst news of their lives. We want to help ease their pain. We send items for the child and the parent(s). After the devastating loss of our daughter Mia, we founded #AmazingMia Foundation to continue her fight by assisting other families with DIPG. We now look ahead with optimism and excitement. Our foundation will leverage our experience to maximize the funds toward our mission.

We are confident #AmazingMia Foundation will make a difference in supporting these families! Thank you for your assistance.

Thank you,
Steven & Janine

Help donate to dipg families today.

For more information about Mia Saberson, please click the link or visit the about us page.