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Mia Saberson Intro

Amazing Mia Saberson was a smart, sweet, funny, loving, talkative, sassy, athletic and beautiful girl. She had plans to finish up her 7th grade year, enjoy a flag football season this summer, hang with her friends while simultaneously Snapchatting and making some TikTok videos. The typical summer vacation of a 12-year old.

Week of June 1, 2021

The life of Mia and her family changed forever. Over the couple weeks and months before, Mia had been experiencing some issues with her eyes. What started as blurriness, led to double-vision and was eventually causing headaches. First thought was to see an eye doctor. That path eventually led them to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami. After the doctor reviewed the MRI of her head, he then delivered the most inconceivable news for a parent to hear. “Your child has Brain Cancer. We found a tumor on her brain stem. It is inoperable.” What started off as a doctor appointment turned into a week stay at the hospital to begin the most unthinkable journey of their lives, to fight pediatric brain cancer. The next step was a full body MRI scan.

Week of June 8, 2021

Mia was back at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. As if the news wasn’t bad enough, the doctors delivered another gut punch, they also found tumors on her spine. The doctors said the “good news” is that these tumors are accessible, unlike the tumor in her brain stem. They said “We can remove one and have it biopsied. Finding out the genetic make up will be instrumental in the clinical trial selection process. It will determine the best fit for Mia.” It is highly possible that the best option may not be in the state of Florida and the family may need to travel to get her the best treatment available. Given that information, we agreed to do the biopsy and Mia was off to surgery a few days later. That was the start of a 10 month battle with DIPG.

Additional Information

Our Amazing Mia Saberson was born in Boca Raton, FL to Steven & Janine Saberson on 07/08/2008. She went to grade school at Imagine Chancellor in Boynton Beach. She attended Somerset Academy Canyons, Boynton Beach, for middle school where she was also a cheerleader. Mia attended Florida Virtual School for 8th grade after diagnosis. Mia achieved honor roll in elementary school and middle school. She was very active in youth sports and played soccer at AYSO and flag football at West Boynton.

In her short life, Mia learned the importance of loyalty and friendship. She was always surrounded by many friends who shared the same passions in life as she did. She was boisterous, full of energy and lived her life with Faith Over Fear. Everything that Mia did was with passion and full force. She worked hard, played hard and loved hard. Outside of school and sports Mia enjoyed hanging out with her friends, going to the beach, and making Tik Tok videos. Mia loved her family and her friends dearly.

Mia was very proud of her big brother Marco and often helped her younger brother Michael with homework. She loved life and made the best of each day as she continuously made us laugh with her silly ways.

Inconclusion about Mia Saberson

Mia Rose Saberson, 13, of Lake Worth, FL, passed away on 04/09/2022 at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami. She was a loving daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and friend. Mia your light will continue to shine through all who knew you and love you. Your infectious smile, giant laugh, kind heart and faith will always remain in our thoughts and hearts. Your legacy will continue forever. OH MIA, WE LOVE YOU MORE!!

For more information about Amazing Mia Foundation, please visit the about us page. We encourage others to volunteer or donate to the cause. We are looking to help other children and families dealing with this terrible disease.